Madrid Airport

Tips to Reduce Stress at the Madrid Airport

Getting to the Madrid airport to fly is a stressful exercise for many travelers. These few tips will allay worries a few hours or minutes from the big start.

Madrid Airport

  1. Arrive early at the airport

This is the advice to avoid the biggest source of stress: the fear of missing the plane. By respecting the deadlines suggested by the airport and the airlines (especially for departures from Madrid airport to your country), make sure you have enough time to do everything in peace.

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  1. Sign up for flight alerts (email and text sms)

We can know everything from our mobile device before we even leave the house by signing up for airport email and text alerts.

  1. Be sure to have your pass in the pocket before leaving the house

It may seem obvious, but yet very important.

  1. You make sure you have nothing forbidden in your hand luggage

Oh how quicker and less stressful the security queues would be if all travelers made sure they didn’t carry any prohibited items in the cabin! 

  1. Register and choose seats online

By checking in online the day before departure, you can choose seats (and thus avoid the stress of not being seated with your travel companion). In addition, this saves time upon arrival at the airport by avoiding the long queues at the check-in counters.

  1. Travel only with hand luggage

If possible, you only bring a piece of hand luggage that you keep with you in the cabin. If, in addition, check-in has been done online before, all you have to do is head for security when you arrive at the airport.