Tips For After Your Windshield Is Replaced

Tips For After Your Windshield Is Replaced

Having the right kind of care after your windshield is replaced by an auto glass company is important if you want to maintain your investment. These tips below will help you make sure your windshield remains in good condition. 

Tips For After Your Windshield Is Replaced

Give The Vehicle A Rest 

A windshield replacement job uses many adhesives to create a strong bond between the new piece of glass and the vehicle so that way water can’t get inside. You want to give your car sometime for the adhesives to dry out and strengthen. It’s a common recommendation to wait one to two hours before driving anywhere after the windshield has been replaced.  

An auto glass company will do the best they can to complete the installation but you should inspect your car right after they are done to make sure there isn’t any pieces of glass that might have been missed. 

The Next Two Days After a Windshield Replacement

Since the seal is taking the time to dry out, it’s very important that you don’t put any pressure on the new windshield. Avoid putting anything on it such as a cover or any miscellaneous items. You also don’t want to put anything against it on the inside such as a sunshade. 

You want to keep your front driver or passenger side window cracked over the next two days. The air pressure can put additional stress on the glass and cause it to maybe crack.  All you will need to do is have the window open around an inch to help ensure the pressure will not build. 

Leave The Retention Tape On 

During a windshield replacement you may notice that tape is used to hold the windshield in place.  This is because it helps guarantee the seal and helps protect it from the elements. It’s definitely not the prettiest sight for your car, but it is best to leave it on there for at least one to two days.  

When Can You Go to A Car Wash? 

If you want to ensure your investment and make sure that the seal holds up, try avoiding car washes for at least two days after the replacement is completed. This will help avoid any pressure on the exterior side of the glass. If you need to wash it, we recommend hand washing the vehicle and avoid the glass. 

Take It Easy

You overall want to take it easy on your car after the windshield has been replaced. Try to avoid slamming the doors to prevent it from putting additional stress on the glass. Also try to avoid and roads with poor driving conditions.