The Best Diagnostic Tips for Mechanical and Electrical Systems of Your Car

The Best Diagnostic Tips for Mechanical and Electrical Systems of Your Car

The amount of mechanical or electrical problems that a car can present is very large and this has made the life of the automotive mechanic more difficult every day, as it is almost impossible for a single professional to master all the defects that can occur in an automobile.

For this reason, we created this list that contains several tips on automotive problems and mechanical and electrical procedures that will help you when diagnosing a defect that is keeping you awake. For exact and fast auto diagnostic process, we recommend to use 2 in 1 OBD2 Scanner & Battery Tester.


Spark Plugs: Check the conditions of the spark plugs for worn electrodes, as this can cause a very rich mixture, causing eventual problems related to the lambda probe. Also check if the spark plug application is correct, the installation of spark plugs not specified by the manufacturer can affect the operation of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), causing failures or even serious damage to the engine.

Distributor cover and rotor: In cars that use the distributor, it is always good to check if there is no moisture, cracks and excessive oxidation in the electrical terminals. These types of problems can cause the engine to fail or even make it difficult to start the engine.

Spark Plug Cables: Check if there are no cuts or perforations in the cables, as this can cause spark leakage (sparking sparks) from the cable to the motor or any other electrical ground. Check with an automotive multi-meter the continuity of the cable and also check that its electrical contacts are not oxidized.

Adulterated fuel: The use of poor quality fuel can make it very difficult to diagnose a problem because it can cause the lambda probe to generate incorrect information, harming the engine’s operation. Adulterated Fuel can also damage other components of your car such as: fuel pump, fuel injection nozzles, spark plugs and even internal parts of the engine.