Car Needs Body Work

Knowing When Your Car Needs Body Work or a Paint Job

Owning a vehicle means it will inevitably show some wear and tear over time. But how do you know when cosmetic issues have gotten to the point of needing professional auto body repairs or a new paint job? Here are some telltale signs it’s time to take your car to a reputable shop like Phoenix Auto Body for an evaluation.

Car Needs Body Work

Visible Dents and Dings

Small dents and dings may not impact the functionality of your car, but large or multiple dents can detract from appearance. Dents deeper than an inch should be repaired by Collision Repair Phoenix to prevent corrosion underneath. Dings covering a wide surface area also warrant repair work.

Chipped or Cracked Paint

Minor paint chips are normal as vehicles age. But extensive chips or cracks exposing the bare metal mean paint protection has failed. This allows moisture to penetrate and leads to rust. A full repaint is necessary to properly seal out the elements once again.

Rusted Body Panels

Surface rust spots can often be sanded out, but full panels rusted through mean replacement metal work is needed followed by new paint. Take your car to Auto Body Shop Phoenix for an inspection – rust left unchecked will only continue spreading.

Divots or Gouges in Plastic Trim

Over time, plastic bumpers and trim absorb daily parking lot bumps and scrapes. While minor scuffs may not impact function, deep gouges detract from appearance and could accelerate damage if not repaired. Trim replacements through reputable shops restore that like-new look.

Oxidized or Faded Paint

Extreme sun exposure causes paint to fade and oxidize, leavingbehind a dull, worn look versus a vibrant factory finish. A detailer can’t restore truly oxidized paint – only a repaint through Collision Repair Phoenix revives that newly painted sheen. Faded clear coats also signal time for repainting.

Mismatched Body Panels

If replacement panels don’t perfectly match the existing paint color due to fading, it’s often best to paint the whole car for a uniform appearance. Shops like Phoenix Auto Body can ensure perfect matches with modern paint codes.

Out of Alignment Body Lines

Even minor accidents can subtly tweak a vehicle’s body lines over time. Take your car to a shop to check if rear or side panels now misalign, indicating potential underlying frame damage in need of straightening.

Sagging or Worn Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping seals the car and keeps water and dirt out over the years. Cracked, loose, or dried-rubber weatherstrips may not look bad but can lead to interior damage if moisture penetrates. Replacing seals restores protection.

So in summary, when any of these common signs of exterior wear emerge, trust the experts at Phoenix Auto Body Shop, Collision Repair Phoenix, or a similar certified shop near you to properly diagnose your vehicle’s needs. Their expertise helps determine whether simple touch-ups or a full repair/paint job will best preserve and restore your ride.