Installing Racing Liners with the help of a Machine

Installing Racing Liners with the help of a Machine

When it comes to Racing Liner, installing the sleeve isn’t the hardest part. Instead, its preparing your engine block for the new sleeve. Fortunately, you can make this a lot easier if you use proper equipment, like engine block machinery. It can cut your effort, and improve your final results to an great extent.

Installing Racing Liners with the help of a Machine

Installing with a Machine

First you need a bed mill which is large enough to oversee the fixture of your engine block. The machine should feature a flood coolant to help you with thermal stability of block casting. An aluminum engine block casting machine dry expands during this process and generate high heat thanks to friction caused with machining. It’s very hard to maintain tolerance during the installation.

Some Basics

Bore center to center tolerance for MID Sleeve machine should be .0005”. Bore diameter is where the sleeve fits into lower block. CNC needs proper maintenance where the sleeve fits in lower block casting over .00025”.  

You need to duplicate the size from bore and bank. If you can maintain tolerance, the bore will go out of round, and taper in service.

Hold It in Place

Machine will vibrate the block at natural harmonic frequency of casting. It helps to control the stress. Once the stress relief is set on CNC for final sizing of Racing Liner, you have to measure the whole thing for proper sizing as you can’t afford even the minimum difference. There is no such thing as close enough.


When it’s done, block is debarred, and cleaned to install Racing Liner. Sleeves are not pressed in the block at this time. You need to find your clearance or else the block will distort or crack between bores. This is a night and you need to keep it from happening.