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Driving Tips to Avoid Mistakes We All Make Behind the Wheel

Driving may be the only activity on the planet that the more you practice, the worse it gets. After passing the driving test for a while, we hold the wheel with our hands at ten, we look at all Mirrors three or four times before starting any maneuver, we keep our foot lightly on the accelerator and scrupulously meet all speed limits.

Here are our driving tips we teach to the students at Atlas Driving School in Vancouver BC to avoid falling into the most common mistakes for most drivers.

Atlas Driving School

  1. Pay attention

There is a common misconception that looking at the mobile phone is very serious. Glancing at the phone screen or touch screen, even for a few seconds, can be a lethal distraction.

  1. Always signal maneuvers

If there are those who do not signal anything, leave us in doubt where they will want to go. So take note: the turn signals they are signal lights; they serve to indicate and not to confuse.

  1. Be a right hand driver

In countries like Germany or England, traffic flows like a ballet. The secret is simple: it goes through the slowest lane and overtakes the fastest one (on the left).

  1. Keep the right distance

Driving with the bumper almost to the rear of the car ahead is neither the friendliest nor the safest behavior – just a moment of hesitation from the front is enough to end up with friendly statements at best.

  1. Don’t forget that cars are not driving alone yet

Our cars are safer than ever. And some even seem to do all the work for us. But calm down, autonomous driving is not yet a reality and systems are there to help us and not to replace us. So keep an eye on everything around you and put your hands on the wheel.