garage door replacement Norfolk

After A Major Home Renovation, A New Garage Door Pulled It All Together

Our Home’s Renovation Journey Comes to an End

It’s been a long year of renovations at our house, but finally wrapping up the biggest project of all – replacing the old garage door – has made it feel complete. What started as a kitchen remodel snowballed into new flooring, lighting upgrades, and more throughout the entire home. Getting that new door installed was really the cherry on top. Now the exterior matches the completely transformed interior and truly ties the whole renovation together.

garage door replacement Norfolk

Finding the Right Garage Door To Top It Off

With so much time, effort, and money invested in renovating thus far, I wanted to make sure the new garage door wasn’t just functional but beautifully designed as well. We considered different styles, materials, window options – you name it. In the end, we chose a sturdy steel door with ample windows to let in natural light. Its crisp white panels matched the siding perfectly. Installation from professionals went flawlessly too.

Peace of Mind From ‘Garage Door Spring Replacement in Norfolk’

Naturally, when purchasing a new door, I also opted to have the garage door opener and aging springs serviced. After all the work done on the house, I didn’t want to take any risks with safety. The technicians who handled the Garage Door Spring Replacement in Norfolk put my mind at ease that everything was in proper working order. Their expertise ensured these critical components would last and function reliably for years to come.

Finishing Touches Made it All Come Together

New landscaping, trim work and a fresh coat of paint on the facade tied in the garage seamlessly. Even little details like new wall sconces and LED bulbs helped bring everything up to the same polished standard. Most impressive of all though is how well the new door balances the overall curb appeal. From the street, the house looks complete and stylish as one cohesive design.

It Was Worth the Effort in the End

While this entire home renovation was admittedly a huge undertaking, I’m so glad we saw it through right to that very last garage door install. All the long hours and meticulous planning resulted in a beautifully updated, functional and increase home value. Most of all, the transformative end product made all that hard work feel immensely worthwhile and rewarding. Now if only maintaining it will be half as much effort!